How is child poverty distributed in Birmingham?

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Birmingham is the 10th city in England with the highest rate of child poverty, affecting about one third of the local children.

The infographic above is based on the data provided by HM Revenue & Customs in 2010 and shows the figures for Birmingham in a national context.

London boroughs dominate the list. In fact, there are only three local authorities that are not from the capital: Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham.

The worst rate comes from Tower Hamlets, in London, where around half of the children live in poverty. Other Boroughs with high rates of deprivation are Islington and Hackney where around 4 of 10 children come from a poor environment.

Outside London, 38% of children in Manchester live in poverty whereas in Nottingham the percentage is slightly lower, reaching almost a 35%. Birmingham has about 34% of its children living in poverty.

Including local authorities from the whole UK, two cities from Northern Ireland appear among those with the highest child poverty: Derry and Belfast. In both of them more than a third of children live in deprivation.

Nechels vs Sutton Coldfield

Child poverty in Birmingham affects most of the city. 22 of its 40 wards are included in the top 10% areas with the highest rates in England.

The following map shows the percentage of children living in poverty in each ward and also the percentage of people under 16 who live in that situation.

The ward with the local record is Nechells, where half of the children live in poverty. In general, those areas surrounding the city centre like Ladywood or Aston get the worst figures.

On the other hand, Sutton Coldfield is the area in Birmingham with the lowest rates. In the ward of Sutton Vesey only a 7% of children live in poverty. This figure is very far from the 33.7% in whole council or the 50% in Nechells.

All this data was provided by HM Revenue and Customs and can be consulted as a Google Spreadsheet clicking in the links you can find in the right sidebar.

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