Children’s roundup, 15th of August

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In the last couple of weeks many things happened in children’s services in Birmingham and in the whole country. Here there are some of them.

Starting with Birmingham, the new interim children’s services director, Peter Hay, sent a letter to the employees of the directorate to introduce his new leadership. He says he doesn’t “buy the argument that Birmingham is too big, complex, or a myriad other excuses for poor service”.

But today the Birmingham Mail reported that the Council will have to make £210m in extra cuts by 2017, putting at risk the solvency of the welfare system.



In the national level, charities are concerned about the impact on children of the benefit cap. In fact, Children England is promoting a manifesto to push next government to rise the expenditure in young people. On the other hand, councils like Worcestershire want to charge families for taking children into care.




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