Running with Scissors has been online for a couple of weeks now. This is a selection of relevant tweets and links about cuts and children’s services in general that we have shared so far.

When we launched the website there was a political crisis in Birmingham children’s services. Peter Duxbury, the strategic director, was gone and nobody knew if it was for ever. Finnally, the City Council announced that he wasn’t comming back.

But children’s services are also a hot topic outside Birmingham. Because of the crisis affecting the local directorate, the government is considering taking the control. In fact, privatisation looks like a realistic alternative, and this is not just for Birmingham but for the whole country.

Last two weeks were also important for national charities. A study made by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) concluded that child poverty in Birmingham costs £914 million per year. The research includes all the local authorities in the UK.

Children’s Society also published an interesting report about children happiness and wellbeing. Maybe you are not surprised, but British teenagers don’t think they are very happy.

And going back to Birmingham, Peter Hay, strategic director for adults and communities, will replace Peter Duxbury in front of the children’s services until the end of the year. He announced that he won’t make major changes.

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