Interview with John Cotton, cabinet member for social cohesion

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John Cotton was elected councillor for first time in 1999 and he represents the Birmingham Shard End Ward. When the Labour party regained the majority of the City Council in 2012 he became Cabinet Member for Social Cohesion and Equalities.

In this interview he addresses the global situation of Birmingham children’s services and how they are implementing the cuts.

One of the main issues he pointed out is the reduction of local funding, as we already mentioned in a post a few weeks ago.

They way in which cuts are being applied by central government are particularly unfair to cities like Birmingham. We are facing a greater reductions in the amount of resources we receive from the government compared to the authorities from the South.

He insisted that the strategy that the local government is following is trying to avoid cuts in frontline services so the most needy are not affected.

We try to ensure that those who are most in need do not bear the brunt of the spending reductions that have to be made.

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